About Us

Property managers who are invested in your investment

Since we opened our doors, Wise Property Management has been about one thing – practical, down-to-earth service from property managers who are really invested in their work. The Wise Property story started 10 years ago, when long-time friends and passionate investors Janeen Collier and Jo Dartnall were struggling to find the right people to manage their properties. They wanted someone who would go the extra mile, who saw the value in creating long-term constructive relationships with tenants and who truly understood the rental market. In short, they were looking for property managers just like them. Today, Wise draws on the pair’s experience as real estate agents, Janeen’s training as a frontline police officer and Jo’s years in sales and admin – they offer clients seriously experienced management service. The Wise team focuses on intelligent, articulate and practical service, with a bit of fun. It’s about an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards and delivering exceptional value to their clients.

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Wise Property Management