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Housing Minister Phil Twyford justified the launch of costly new rental property standards in February by saying “6000 children are admitted each year for ‘housing-sensitive hospitalisations’” but, when questioned, two Ministries provided contradictory data that undermined the Minister’s claim. Tenancies War spokesman Mike Butler sent a series of questions to the Minister’s office, to the … Continue reading Two sides to a coin… Fact or fiction…

Did you know? SPECIAL BENEFITS WITHIN YOUR LANDLORD PREFERRED POLICY. In addition, you may claim for any of the special benefits listed below when you have a valid loss of rent claim. 1. Bailiff costs Your policy is extended to include a contribution towards incurred bailiff costs. The most we will pay for each event is … Continue reading Why does Wise Property Management like Real Landlord Insurance?

Click into this heading to hear words of wisdom from Scotney Williams (the video is 01.54 long).  All indicators are pointing towards a $4,000.00 fine for non-compliance.  

The standards were enabled by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act which was passed into law in December 2017. The Government is asking for feedback on five healthy homes standards: The document seeks feedback on five healthy homes standards: Heating– what minimum achievable indoor temperature should heating devices be sized for in rental homes, where should … Continue reading The healthy homes standards will set minimum requirements for residential rental properties.

Tens of thousands of rental properties will not be insulated by the government’s deadline of July 1 next year, insulation companies are warning. And that could result in a $4,000.00 pay-day for tenants who dob their slack landlords in. Landlords who fail to make the deadline could end up out of pocket. There’s a $4,000.00 … Continue reading Tenants of slack landlords are now only one year away from a landlord ‘gift’ of $4,000.00