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Notice to Landlords Insulation Statement 1 July 2016

ceiling-insulation-pinkAs of 1 July 2016, all new Tenancy Agreements are required by law to state the level of insulation in ceilings, walls and underfloor in the property.

The tenancy agreement must contain a signed statement from the landlord that details the information about the location, type and condition of all insulation in the premises.

To comply with the new regulation, all rental properties must be retrofitted with ceiling and underfloor insulation by 1 July 2019.

There will be some expectations, such as where it is physically impractical to fit insulation due to lack of underfloor space or inaccessible raked ceilings.

We are writing to you because we will need these details in the near future.

Is your rental property insulated?

If you are unsure what insulation has been used, we can arrange to have an authorised insulation expert check the property on your behalf.

Please let us know the insulation details or if you would like us to organise an inspection for you.