Property management services you can trust

If you’re looking to invest in property or already own a rental, talk to the team at Wise Property Management – even if you already have a property manager. Our full range of services will reduce the hassle and risk of looking after your own rental, and we’ll do it better than anyone else.

Services for landlords

If you’re unsure of the rental price to set, or think it may have changed, we can help. We’ll give you an unbiased, reliable assessment of your rental property, how much you could get in rent, and simple ways you could improve it. Any renovations or décor updates can be made simple with our project management service.

You’ll attract the best tenants with smart advertising on this and other websites, in local papers and using strategically placed signage. You can also draw from our database of tenants looking to rent quality homes.

We’ll personally show tenants through your property by appointment or at set open viewing times. We’ll never allow prospective tenants to look on their own.

You can be more confident in your new tenants with our careful screening process. All potential tenants are required to complete an application form and give photo identification and references. This means we can conduct reference and credit checks and recommend a tenant to you.

These are carried out as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. All tenancy agreements and pre tenancy inspections are completed at the property and signed by both parties. Before your property is removed from advertising media, we’ll collect a deposit from your chosen tenant, make sure a tenancy agreement is signed and inspect your property. This Ingoing inspection is key, using dedicated software, we take up to 400 photos and description details about the condition of your property before your new tenant moves in. Signed by the tenant, this document can be vital as evidence if the property condition is ever contested in a Tribunal hearing.

You’ll reduce the risk of having to pay for big repair bills yourself with four weeks’ worth of bond. We’ll collect this for you and lodge it with the Ministry of Housing Bond Centre. Before the bonds are released back to the tenant we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure your property has been left clean and tidy, and with no damage. We’ll also ensure all rent has been paid and keys returned.

All your rents are collected by Wise Property and checked every day. We issue a formal 14-day notice to resolve late payment of rents and follow up with a phone call to your tenant. This is in line with the Tenancy Tribunal process and makes it easier to take action if your tenant continues to be uncooperative.

Before your tenant moves in, we’ll take them through your property to note any wear or damage. Your property will then be inspected during the first month of the tenancy. After that, we schedule regular quarterly  inspections. This inspection will be emailed to you in PDF format including photos and comments, highlighting any maintenance issues that require attention. We also review the rental level at every routine inspection.

If any issues arise, we’ll prepare all applications for dispute resolution under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986. We’ll attend mediation and then Tenancy Tribunal Court hearings if the issue is not resolved.

We can arrange maintenance and repairs on your behalf including things like cleaning, lawn mowing, plumbing and electrical services.

You’ll receive your landlord payments fortnightly on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Should a payment day fall on the weekend or a public holiday you’ll receive your payout on the next working day.

You’ll receive monthly financial statements detailing the rents collected and payments made on your behalf. These are sent electronically, but can be posted if you’d prefer. You’ll also receive a financial statement at the end of the NZ tax year.

Services for tenants

Ask us about finding you the right property for your needs.

If there’s nothing immediately available, you can join our tenancy database so when the right property comes up, you’ll know straight away.

You can trust us to ensure your tenancy rights will be protected – our aim is a fair deal for all.

We’ll take the hassle out of maintenance or inspection worries with clear communication.