Tenants of slack landlords are now only one year away from a landlord ‘gift’ of $4,000.00

Tens of thousands of rental properties will not be insulated by the government’s deadline of July 1 next year, insulation companies are warning.

And that could result in a $4,000.00 pay-day for tenants who dob their slack landlords in.

Landlords who fail to make the deadline could end up out of pocket.

There’s a $4,000.00 penalty for landlords, which goes to the tenants when the provisions kick in.

With this sort of incentive please be aware that the tenants will be checking.

With the Insulation companies now getting very busy it is vital that you do not leave this important job to the last minute.  Wise Property Management would hate to see one of our landlords being the example to others.

​Please be warned that badly-laid DIY insulation jobs may fail to stand up to scrutiny if a tenant dobbed their landlord in.

There will be no hiding a lack of insulation.  We will need to be able to produce a report covering the current level of insulation.

All new tenancy agreements must include an “insulation” statement.