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Kay Timpany

To whom it may concern
I am a Residential Valuer, working in South Auckland. During the course of business I have had the pleasure of meeting Jo and Janeen and more latterly, Emma from Wises Property Management. I have found these ladies to be extremely professional in their dealings with both landlords and tenants. They are totally committed to their work and have high expectations with regard to the calibre of tenant they recommend and achieving the highest possible net rent for the landlord.

Recently, one of my tenants decided to vacate one of my properties early, leaving me annoyed as these tenants had signed for a fixed term. As I already knew Jo and Janeen through my daily business, I invited them to inspect the property and interview another prospective tenant. Within a week of the notice from the previous tenant, I had a new scrutinized tenant, another $50 per week in rent and all outstanding items of maintenance attended to, prior to the new tenant moving in. My expectation is that now the property should be hassle free for quite some time and I will be achieving steady increases in rent. I am a very busy person and looking back now, I realize that trying to manage my own properties was fraught with risk, as I never gave the time or effort required to manage the investment properly. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Wises Property Management. I realize that I can’t afford to take a chance on being an ineffective landlord by becoming too friendly with the tenant, not doing regular inspections or not asking for rent increases regularly.

If I can supply any further information please give me a call.

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