The healthy homes standards will set minimum requirements for residential rental properties.

The standards were enabled by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act which was passed into law in December 2017.

The Government is asking for feedback on five healthy homes standards:

The document seeks feedback on five healthy homes standards:

  1. Heating– what minimum achievable indoor temperature should heating devices be sized for in rental homes, where should heating be located, should landlords only be required to provide heating devices where portable electric heaters are insufficient and should certain heating devices be not acceptable?
  2. Insulation– what is an appropriate level of insulation for rental homes and how should the condition of insulation be assessed?
  3. Ventilation– what is the appropriate level of ventilation to ensure rental homes have adequate airflow in areas of high moisture?
  4. Moisture ingress and drainage– are existing laws for rental homes sufficient to protect against moisture and inadequate drainage or could regulations better protect against moisture entering the home?
  5. Draught stopping– what appropriate measures should landlords take to stop draughts in a rental home?

The discussion document also seeks feedback on the timing and phasing for when landlords must comply with the standards.

The proposed new healthy homes standards do not change the existing insulation regulations or the deadline to comply with them. The discussion document asks whether more rental homes should have their insulation upgraded.

The discussion document also seeks feedback on the timing and phasing for when landlords will have to comply with the standards.

Read the discussion document and find out more about the healthy homes standards on the MBIE website:


You can have your say by;

Healthy Homes Standards
Housing and Urban Branch
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140


The consultation period closes at 6pm on Monday 22 October 2018.

Your feedback will be considered in refining and improving proposals before Government makes any final decisions on healthy homes standards.

This information has been sourced from MBIE.