Wow Wise – Impressive! Thank you.

Dear Janeen and Jo

It has been nearly 10 years since Barbara and I found ourselves in a position to look at building a rental portfolio to provide for us in our retirement. Where has the time gone? I remember the trepidation that I felt when I bought my first one! How was I going to organise tenants and make sure I got the right ones and make sure that the rent came in? How was I going to see that the place didn’t get trashed? It was a minefield out there and I was way out of my depth and terrified! And then I met the team at Wise Property Management.

My friend and advisor Bix Howat told me not to worry and that he had the total solution to my problem. He said he had met the ideal people that I should meet and engage to manage my property. He told me about Wise Property Management and your personal history and how your experience would sort out the wheat from the chaff to get me the tenants I needed. I remember wasting no time before setting up a meeting with you: a meeting that I have never had cause to regret.

I remember that meeting so well. There was I, lost and uncertain, and there were you two; calm and competent, fully aware of my apprehension and ready with all the answers to allay my fears and reassure me. I engaged Wise Property Management on the spot and never looked back! From that time until now, I have almost not thought about my rental properties at all, save to pay the rates and insurances. Tenants came and went, but always, no problem, no worries on my part – Wise did all the work! There was always minimal downtime between tenants. With your help, we have been able to get the properties mortgage free in only 10 years and have been able to retire, secure in the knowledge that we have an income to live on that will last our lifetime.

I was even able to take on a Volunteer Role out in Papua New Guinea for a couple of years in the sure knowledge that my investments would be well looked after. On my return, Wise Property Management arranged to tour our properties with us and I must say that as we hadn’t set eyes on them for several years, I was a little apprehensive about what we might find. At the conclusion of this inspection, I was greatly buoyed up by what I had seen. The properties were all in great condition and I enjoyed watching Jennifer as she showed her managing skills with the tenant that we met. Your investment advice that you offered at that time was, as always, very helpful.

Nothing has been too big or small for Wise to manage for us, much of it above and beyond the call. Just recently I was hugely impressed to get an email from you telling me about how you had recovered $602.41 of water rates that arose out of a leak at one of the properties. I am aware that there is no financial benefit to you from doing this sort of work, so I am very grateful that you are a company that is prepared to go to these lengths for their customers. You have also always stayed on top of the mediation process whenever it has been needed and always kept me in the picture about how things were going.

I know that the climate for property owners has changed over the last few years and that there are many more regulations and pitfalls out there for the unwary owner. I have also learned that although there are many Property Managers out there, there are few who stay up to date with everything that owners need to do to keep abreast of these. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that our properties are right up to speed with the new requirements, all due to the diligent and timely notices provided by Wise Property Management! (True: – I did read Wise notices and followed all the advice punctiliously!)

I guess that if you wanted to classify us, you would have to put us on the ‘Satisfied customer’ list, for that is what we are. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do for us.


Gordon and Barbara Botha